Band : BOO
Title : Radiation
Release Date : Aug 1st 2016
Label : Self-Released
Format : CD

“8.5/10 – All killer no filler … Highly charged electronica with incredibly addictive melodies … One of the year’s most enjoyable albums” – Louder Than War

Husband and wife DIY synthpop duo BOO (Battery Operated Orchestra) return this Summer with a hard, dark and shiny second album titled ‘Radiation‘.

A real life poltergeist experience after a gig in Hamburg set off the album recording sessions. Radiation darkens and sharpens BOO‘s journey into their synthetic universe as they hurtle through themes of broadcasting, ESP, sex, mind control and aliens to an infectiously wonky electro pulse.

“‘Radiation’ is a significant artistic progression for BATTERY OPERATED ORCHESTRA while maintaining their quirky, irony free ethos.”
– Chi Ming Lai, The Electricity Club

“If you’re even the slightest bit interested in electronic pop, then the album offers 42 minutes of uninterrupted pleasure. 10/10 – Classic”
– Stefan Last, Electroskull

This deluxe, full colour CD box, with beautiful cover artwork by Brigitte of BOO, contains a 12-page booklet, full colour poster of the cover art and inner sleeve. It’s all been handmade by the band themselves with love and care. We think it’s the best packaging we’ve made yet, and if you know anything about our packaging, you’ll know that’s saying a lot!

“New Town opens the album and it’s perfect! … It’s minimal synth pop, but it has the grandeur of a classic pop song. Starting a record in such a way makes you only expect the best… and it comes!”
– Didier Becu, Peek-a-boo Magazine

“The Sea has the urgency and the Chiptune timbre of an 8-bit computer game and was exactly what I needed with my coffee this morning as I sat down to begin these reviews. Loads of energy and a classic female lead and male backing for the vocal sound.”
– Biff Roxby, BBC Radio 6

“BOO have created a more aggressive synth sound that could be said to challenge the variety of other synth groups out today.”
– Harvey Dent, Give it Back Magazine

“Bloomin’ brilliant” – BBC Introducing: The South

“Self-produced, artistically assured and backing up their synth connoisseur claims with some fantastic and engaging sounds.”
– Robbie Cully, Give it Back Magazine

“I don’t listen to synthpop that much these days but your take on the genre feels so fresh and is most charming! I ordered the CD right away. “Radiation” makes me believe in electronic music-magic again.”
– Kent Björnssen, new BOO fan

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