Radiation [Maxi-single]

Band : Analogue Solutions, BOO, Jan Doyle Band, Pattern Language, Petra Black
Title : Radiation [Maxi-single}
Release Date : Sep 12th 2017
Label : b-side, BOO, maxi, new, radiation, remixes, single
Format : CD

Irony-free DIY synthpop duo BOO (Battery Operated Orchestra) have unleashed the third single from their hard, dark and shiny second album Radiation.

The maxi-single features remixes from Analogue Solutions, Pattern Language, Petra Black and Jan Doyle Band, as well as a brand new track from BOO. Included in the download is a PDF of bonus material including behind the scenes photos and sketches from the production of the album.

Radiation is about taking our power back. So much of what we say and think has been transmitted to us by other people, but we can transmit right back. If matter is condensed energy then directed energy is potential matter, potential reality. Radiate.

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