Perfect Wreck [virtual 7″ single]

Band : BOO
Title : Perfect Wreck [virtual 7" single]
Release Date : Feb 26th 2018
Format : Digital Download

“Starts off with an ominous bass synth that sounds like an out-take from a Joy Division session and then the vocals kick in and we’re heading for territory previously claimed by The Knife and Garbage. It’s electro pop so good it sends shivers down parts of the spine other bands cannot reach.”

The Devil Has The Best Tuna

““Perfect Wreck” is what Blondie would have sounded like if they had hung out in late 1970s Sheffield rather than New York.”

“Stumbled across Perfect Wreck by accident and instantly hooked. Great to hear melodic cheese free synth pop tinged with a bit of darkness.

-Jon Harper

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