Bella [Single]

Band : BOO
Title : Bella [Single]
Release Date : Jun 21st 2018
Format : Digital Download

“Bella is a Summer heartache you want to dive into. It bathes you in waves of polysynth shimmers through a vintage lens. It’s soft, smooth ice-cream topped with percussive sprinkles and a big bassy Flake. Classic synthpop.”

Louder Than War

“The Moog melodies and beats create a gorgeously squelchy bed for Rose’s vocal to lounge aloofly upon like a neon lilo in a keytar shaped swimming pool.”

–  Listen With Monger

“BOO never lose that catchy pop sensibility that so often gets lost in the lucid realms of synth. It’s irony free, and doesn’t pretend to be anything other than it is; darn good synth-pop with a deliciously vintage feel.”

Born Music Online

“The icy synths and cool female vocals echoing the perky pop of Depeche Mode, the experimental sobriety of Thomas Dolby but also the quirky electronica of more current bands like Freezepop.”

Analogue Trash

“(Bella) shimmers with a summer-like lightness whilst underneath the surface lurks something darker.”

Black Plastic

“It’s wonderful synth pop filled with deliciously singable harmonies!! Love!!”

Ooberus Oblivious

Die Musik von Brigitte Rose und Chris Black alias BOO (Battery Operated Orchestra) könnte man als Mischung aus Blondie , Yeah Yeah Yeahs und Devo bezeichnen und macht unglaublichen Spaß.


Låten i sig har en somrig poolkänsla med sin softa produktion och medryckande melodi.


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