*********** 10/09/2018 Competition has a winner! The prize has been won. *****************

Snare contains a secret… there is a spy code woven into the handmade physical release artwork.

It’s quite tough so we’ll give you some clues. It’s hard because it’s an authentic encryption technique, first used in 1882, but more popularly during the Cold War.

The first person to solve it will get a very special handmade gift package from BOO. You will only be able to enter this competition by getting a physical copy of the album to examine so apologies to the digital downloaders out there!

Most importantly this is just supposed to be a bit of fun. If it stops being fun, then leave it for someone else to solve. Puzzles aren’t everyone’s cuppa tea! 🙂

Clues so far:

Clue #1 – It’s nothing to do with chess

Clue #2 – The first code to decipher is made from letters

Clue #3 – The codes are unbreakable without the cipher. Use the same cipher to solve both codes. (One-time pad)

Clue #4 – The first code is hidden in a photo. Look closely. You might even need a magnifying glass. (For the first code) A=0.

Clue #5 – Code #1 is subtractive. Code #2 is additive.