From the shadows, each song emerges like a warning. In the exquisite handmade CD artwork mysterious figures are waiting and watching. A spy plane looms overhead while taught wires hold it all down.

BOO’s cold-war inspired SNARE traces echoes of a divided past into an uncertain future reverberating with the errors of history, and it does so in an electrifying way. Lush 70’s and 80’s analogue synths combine with solid beats and urgent songwriting that comes like a clarion call from the not too distant future: don’t get caught.

“Each song is a different kind of snare, some are traps we set for ourselves. Snare exposes the dangers of nostalgia and comfort, the lies we tell ourselves in order to continue doing the wrong thing. It definitely explores the darker things which we would prefer to keep hidden, but also holds hope for a future free of those lies.”

Designed by BOO and made by their own hands you can be sure of quality and exceptional design in this beautiful CD. The first 100 copies come with a free extra digital download to give away.

“We believe the album artwork is an important part of our music, which is why we take so much care with our packaging.”

There is even a genuine spy code woven into the handmade physical release artwork. The first person to solve it will get a very special handmade gift package from BOO.

“Snare sounds terrific… Allow yourself to be caught.”

Backseat Mafia

“melancholic synth-pop with a polished atmosphere that never loses its sense of human scale”

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“… synths provide paranoid smoky textures and buzz like spyplanes. “Perfect Wreck” is what Blondie would have sounded like if they had hung out in late 1970s Sheffield rather than New York.”


“The Moog melodies and beats create a gorgeously squelchy bed for Rose’s vocal to lounge aloofly upon like a neon lilo in a keytar shaped swimming pool.”

Listen With Monger

“Strange Goodbye, the latest single from Battery Operated Orchestra builds from a sultry whisper through a searing crescendo to a release that is utterly devastating.”

Louder Than War

“[Strange Goodbye] starts with a minimal arrangement of analogue sounding synths and gorgeous vocals from Brigitte Rose, and then it builds and builds and I get almost in trance when it all reaches a climax in the last half of the song.”

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