Chirpy, analogue powered electro-pop that sounds like a childlike version of Chvrches, full of fun and devoid of irony

– The Metaphorical Boat

Crackly retro-electronica: like St. Etienne given an unlimited supply of Atari game modules and OMD B-sides and a sense of humour… Makes me miss Brighton with sobering drunken clarity.

– Everett True

hard-edged Mitteleuropop sensibility … 80s disco sounds, yes. Jaunty 70s school programme jingles, yay. More serious-minded 65DOS/John Carpenter-esque sci-fi soundtrackery, affirmative. And while BOO cleave to a DIY ethic with a certain allergy to polishing things too much, that’s very clearly deliberate.


Each delicious high-quality gatefold digipak is handmade by BOO from the best materials available; pearl and mirror-gloss paper, 600gsm 12-sheet card, pigment inks, Taiyo Yuden CD-R recorded at super low speed and protected by a high-density three-colour acetate sleeve. Each one takes over an hour to finish, and no, I don’t know how we do it!

Get it now or listen for free on Bandcamp.