Chris Black and Brigitte Rose are proud purveyors of irony-free DIY synthpop.

Each BOO release is a delight to behold, carefully designed and handmade by the band. Operating like some kind of battery-powered creative octopus they also self-direct, animate and shoot their many music videos and build bespoke light installations for their energetic live shows.

Contact: batteryoperatedorchestra [at] gmail [dot] com

“It’s electro pop so good it sends shivers down parts of the spine other bands cannot reach.”The Devil Has The Best Tuna |
“They stand out because they never neglect the pop in their electro-pop and thread a home-made charm through their songs”Backseat Mafia |
“Chirpy, analogue powered electro-pop that sounds like a childlike version of Chvrches, full of fun and devoid of irony.”The Metaphorical Boat |
“Shakin’ 80s electronics stuck with a bit of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Debbie Harry.”Give it Back Magazine |
It’s analog electro pop like Claire Grogan‘s grandkids discovered her old kit in the attic, didn’t really know what it was but just made it work anyway.Deadly Music |
“… has the urgency and the Chiptune timbre of an 8-bit computer game and was exactly what I needed with my coffee this morning… Loads of energy and a classic female lead and male backing for the vocal sound.”Biff Roxby, BBC Radio 6 |
8.5/10 – All killer no filler … Highly charged electronica with incredibly addictive melodies … One of the year’s most enjoyable albums. (Radiation)Louder Than War |
If you’re even the slightest bit interested in electronic pop, then the album offers 42 minutes of uninterrupted pleasure. 10/10 – ClassicElektroskull |
BOO have created a more aggressive synth sound that could be said to challenge the variety of other synth groups out today.Give It Back Magazine |
Their quirky demeanour recalled the crossing of CRYSTAL CASTLES with YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA that made KATSEN so appealing.The Electricity Club |
Crackly retro-electronica: like St. Etienne given an unlimited supply of Atari game modules and OMD B-sides and a sense of humour… Makes me miss Brighton with sobering drunken clarity.Everett True
Self-produced, artistically assured and backing up their synth connoisseur claims with some fantastic and engaging sounds.Robbie Cully, Give it Back Magazine |
Pulsating pumping electronica with cold clear soothing vocals, recalling Ladytron or perhaps Cocteau Twins.High Violet |
Summoning the magic of both Stereolab and Young Marble Giants, … wistful melody and vocals resemble an intergalactic lullaby, whilst synthesiser sounds whizz and pop like comets in ecstasy…Pretty Ugly |
Hard-edged Mitteleuropop sensibility … 80s disco sounds, yes… And while BOO cleave to a DIY ethic with a certain allergy to polishing things too much, that’s very clearly deliberateSounds XP |
Thank you Paranormal80 for making Perfect Wreck your track of the day!
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